Pacific Migration, Existence, and Paradox: A Deep History

Who are we, how did we get here... and how far back in time do we have to go to start asking the question? [DESKTOP RECOMMENDED]

Surf and/or Turf

Oregon Kelp Beds - Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia [20,000 BCE]

Can the "Submerged" Speak?

Baja California Fish Hook - Photo Courtesy of Matthew des Lauriers [15,000 BCE]

Trans-Oceanic Tubers

Polynesian/South American Tuber - Photo Courtesy of the New York Times

To "P" or not to "P"

Lapita-era Pot - Photo Courtesy of Vanuatu National Museum [3000 BCE]

The ABCs (Atom Bombs, Bikini Atoll, and Canoe Bailers)

Canoe Bailer in Marshall Islands, Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian [c.1945]