Aldo D. Medina

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[Speeches I Like]

"What will your letter say?" Commencement address by the President of the Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 2022


"the hub of the solar system..." -Oliver Wendell Holmes, on describing Boston

"Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play." -Kant

Alan Hirschman

interesting New England publications: The Boston Green Bag (1889-1914); the Naragansett Dawn (c. 1930s); the Charles Eliot Five-Foot Shelf (c. 1900s)


favorite films released in 1950: Sunset Boulevard, All About Eve

"you, being from New York and all, might have the impression that law is practiced with a certain degree of informality down here...

... It isn't." -a non-Yankee, Yale JD, 1992


best sci-fi short stories: Flowers for Algernon (Keyes), The Last Question (Asimov), and The Time Machine (Wells)

[The Arts]

"all good Americans should live in England." - British art critic John Ruskin

NYC: Morgan Library and Museum



horton hears a hoosier - jeopardy category, 2011-04-06

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Copp's Hill Cemetery

[Fellowship Rejections]

Obama Foundation, 2022
Fulbright Foundation, 2022
Coca-Cola Foundation, 2020
Telluride Association, 2019


United States Presidential Scholars Program, 2020
National Merit Scholarship Program, 2019