Aldo D.

HLS/HKS Congressional Simulation, 2022

"As perhaps one of the youngest members of the simulation, Aldo demonstrated incredibly courage to share a very personal story in a very public forum. That courage will serve him very well on his journey and I can only imagine how proud his family must be of his success."

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Foundation, 2022

"Every now and then you meet a student whom you immediately know is going somewhere. Their voice, self-confidence, passion for learning, empathy... if he chooses to pursue a career in (public service), I am certain he will prove a credit to our community."

Massachusetts State Representative, 2021

"Unbelievably impressive."

Personal Call from Regional Director at United States Census Bureau, 2020

"We need more people like you in (public service)... you were, by far, the best performing enumerator in not just the district, but in the region."

Indianapolis Public Schools, 2020

"In the 30 years I have spent as a teacher... without a doubt, the most exceptional student I have (worked) with. His experiences (in IPS) taught him to feel comfortable with all sorts of people, many of whom do not look or think like him..."

Staffer at the Southern District of Indiana, 2019

"It was clear from our conversation that you'd be an asset to (Harvard) College... the admissions office wouldn't have been doing its job if it let you get away."

The Indiana University Wells Scholars Program, 2019

"The most impressive interviewee in years."